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Life on our planet and all of creation, from ecosystems to human communities, is dependent on our climate.  As people of faith, our taking personal action on climate stewardship in each of our lives is a daily ministry to all of creation and keeps us true to the teachings of Christ and faithful in our relationship to God.

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International Climate Stewardship Solutions Conference, June 29-30, 2009: Learning from Overseas Experience with Policies and Strategies that Create Economic Opportunity and Reduce Carbon. Conference Proceedings.

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"[P]resenting the latest independent, nonpartisan, expert information on the real economics of climate change, an emerging body of scholarship that is consistent with the urgency of the problem as seen from a climate science perspective."

Free DVD available on Creation Care & Climate Stewardship (from "Faith Leadership Dialogue", 11/15/09, Jamestown, ND).

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